Hellenic Olive Oil

The world famous Greek olive oil, the precious gift that Greek land has to offer to the world, is the oil that is received by the olive, the fruit of olive tree, a plant of Greek origin.

Unquestionably, the Greek olive oil is by far the best in the world, it is considered “Mother Nature’s” healthiest product, and is exported all over the world. Olive oil is an absolutely natural product, which is extracted with natural treatment from olives, and constitutes the base of Mediterranean diet, because it is the most basic and the most privileged source of fatty acids.

Olive oil is one of the healthiest products, and is considered to be responsible for longevity and the absence of diseases of the residents of Greece; it can be used in all foods, and is recommended as particularly digestible oil.

The different qualities of olive oil, the appearances, the colors, the perfumes and its flavors, are not the result of special treatment, but the result of the specific variety of trees, the terrain’s features, the climatic conditions of the region, the way of cultivation, the timing of harvesting, the conditions of the oil-pressing extraction and even the time of packing.

Olive oil is sold for consumption in various qualities, from which the best is the extra virgin olive oil, an absolutely natural product with extremely fine taste which is bottled precisely as it comes out from the olive press without any treatment and meets the ultimate standards.

We specialize in the exports of supreme quality’s extra virgin olive oil from the most famous olive oil producing areas in Greece and collaborate with olive oil import companies all over the world